Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare companies, whether they be providers, payers, or vendors, are amassing data about patients, clinicians, claims, and financials. Making sense of this enormous and diffuse data set requires specialized healthcare analytics tools that are built to handle the specific needs of healthcare.

Healthcare Isn’t Ad Tech

Healthcare analytics is still in its infancy. A common approach to building healthcare analytics tools is to take methods that have been successful in other domains like finance or ad tech and apply them to healthcare. Unfortunately, without a built-in understanding of how health care and patient data is composed, these tools produce analyses that are too general to be useful.

Best of Breed Tools

There will be a wave of healthcare analytics tools built, but the truly useful solutions will be built from the ground up to support the specialized needs of those operating in healthcare organizations. They will understand the complexity of the data landscape as it exists in healthcare and provide powerful tools to work with that data using systems that truly understand medicine.

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